Careful…Your Age is Showing!

August 5th, 2009   •   Comments Off on Careful…Your Age is Showing!   

I recently attended an AFP educational session presented by Anne Melanson, CFRE, and Lori Barker, Director of Development for Phoenix Youth. The topic of discussion was Making your Financial Case for Support. One of the most valuable tips I walked away with was the need to carefully think through your written collateral materials before committing them to paper.

When developing thier current Case for Support, Phoenix Youth carefully considered how to present the necessary information in a way that would not see the publication become “dated” in a month or two. They did not include names of Board members and staff – rather, they decided the best way to present this information was as an add-in. Very smart, very cost-effective.

Because they took the time to plan the Case, Phoenix will have a document that has a shelf-life of 2+ years, rather than 2 months. Staff and Board members move on to other opportunities – it’s a fact of life. Although it’s important to celebrate your organization’s team, it’s wise to think through how to do this in a way that can easily be updated when changes occur.

And what about your website? The same principles hold true. The wonderful thing about your online “storefront” is that it can usually be updated with little cost – and doesn’t result in 5,000 outdated brochures being tossed in the trash.

Are you showing your age? Are your print materials current? How about your website – does it contain outdated information? With online giving on the rise, a fresh and current website gives donors the confidence that your organization is on top of things.

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