Humber College Fundraising Interns

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Are you interested in an intern from Humber’s Fundraising and Volunteer Management program?

The program provides students with the equivalent of three to five years of on-the-job fundraising experience. Interns are available full-time from June 15 to Aug. 20, 2009.

Here’s how to post your opportunity online:

1. Go to

2. a) If this is your first time posting an opportunity, click on and complete the Humber College Company Registration. Your User Name [your email address] and Password [initially set to humber] will appear. Please save this so you can edit or change your listing.

b) If you have registered before, fill in your User Name [your email address] and your Password.

3. Enter your User Name and Password and click on Log In.

4. Click “Post an Opportunity” (or View Old Posted Opportunities to refresh a posting from last year). Check the box “Show information above for users applying to this job opportunity,” so applicants may contact you directly.

5. Check the box, “Fundraising and Volunteer Management”. If your internship opportunity might be of interest to students in other listed programs, you may check those as well.

7. Position Type: Select Internship.

Fill in the fields and click “Submit Opportunity”. Your information will automatically be posted for the students to view.

After You Post Your Opportunity:
Students will review the list of opportunities and contact you to request interviews. You can select the students you wish to interview, and arrange a date and time. Interviews and internships should be outside class time, if possible (Fridays, weekends, or evenings).

Once you and the student agree on a match, please inform Humber so they can track progress.

You will be asked to provide feedback to the students and Humber at the midway point and the end of the internship.

The program covers annual and capital campaigns, grant writing, donor research, major individual donors, donor relationship management, planned giving, direct marketing, sponsorship, project management, financial management, volunteer coordination, The Raiser’s Edge and Income Manager software, special events, ethics, charity tax law, prospect research, and just about every conceivable form of fundraising. Every year the class organizes real special events as part of the program.

You can find more about the fundraising program at

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