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How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s true confession time. I am, at best, a lazy gardener. My garden has never looked so beautiful, nor been so healthy, as the day before I took possession of my home.

Where’s Waldo (aka Your Donors)?

TM & © 2008 Entertainment Rights Distribution Limited. All rights reserved. Can you spot the donor? Unlike Waldo, potential donors can’t easily be identified by their striped shirts, hats and leggings. And before you begin to cultivate prospective donors, you need to know where to find them.

Know thy Donor

There has been a fair amount of healthy debate this week, over at The Agitator blog, about the effectiveness of donor screening tools, the use of CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) systems, and the validity of the traditional donor pyramid model, as they relate to securing major gifts.

2010 – Year of the Donor?

I’m just now getting around to reading Roy MacGregor’s Dec. 21st column in the Globe and Mail. In it, he talks about how we’re innundated with at-the-cash donation requests over the holiday season and wonders if this has created donor fatigue – perhaps contributing to the Salvation Army falling short of its 2009 Kettle Appeal […]