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Friday Freebies

I’m either three days late for last week’s post, or four days early for this week’s – it depends on your point of view. Either way, here’s a fun (and free) resource for those who have a secret desire to host their own talk show…or simply to create and host live video segments. With UStream […]

Exciting Career Opportunity

Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa (YSB) is one of Canada’s most dynamic and progressive multi-service youth focused agencies located in one of the Nation’s most livable urban regions, Ottawa-Gatineau. YSB’s Board of Directors has approved the establishment of a fundraising Foundation, in order to generate more revenue and strengthen the agency’s programming. The Board has […]

Friday Freebies

I searched far and wide to find a true “free” version of, what I think, is an amazing technology tool…text-to-speech and text-to-mp3 software. I realize that text-to-speech software has probably been around for a few years and is invaluable to people living with vision loss, but I never realized the availability and value of text-to-mp3 […]

A little care and feeding

No one wants or needs me to describe how the economy has beaten the stuffing out of some charities’ revenue streams. Not being a novel topic of conversation any more, its just not that interesting. But what is interesting is watching how grassroots fundraising is once again on the rise, thanks to technology and the […]

Friday Freebies

Unless you’re one of those people who always has a pen and paper on hand, chances are there have been many occasions when you’ve wanted/needed to capture a piece of information and found yourself scribbling on a napkin, only to lose it or (forget) and use it. Here’s a great no-cost tool you can use […]

Friday Freebies

Create your own social network…for free! Ning,, provides a no-fee technology platform that allows individuals and groups to create their own social networks. Used by the American SPCA, Ning is an economical, customizable and easy-to-use solution for organizations wishing to implement a social networking platform for donors, members and staff. Happy Friday!

Careful…Your Age is Showing!

I recently attended an AFP educational session presented by Anne Melanson, CFRE, and Lori Barker, Director of Development for Phoenix Youth. The topic of discussion was Making your Financial Case for Support. One of the most valuable tips I walked away with was the need to carefully think through your written collateral materials before committing […]

Where Does the Day Go?

Recently, I was privvy to a discussion where an organization was debating the merits of continuing on with a particular fundraising event. When weighing the pros and cons, the amout of time required to effectively pull off this event was brought forth as a strong negative. 2,000 staff hours was the amount they had roughly […]